Who is Choco?

My name is Choco, and here’s a lovely picture of me! (I need to get my hair trimmed and cut again…)

I am a University of Essex student, and I am studying sociology. As part of one of my modules, one of my assignments is to start a blog. This was really exciting to me! I hadn’t checked in advance, which is perfectly in line with my character – luckily it came as a nice surprise rather than a shock.

I immediately knew what I wanted to write about – my brain, or, at least, my mental illnesses. I thought immediately of the possible positives of the process. Maybe it would be cathartic to me to talk about what I struggle with and hopefully inform people about mental illness.

Thus, I apologise in advance for the possibly chaotic nature of my writing, and the way I will spill my thoughts on the page. Not only am I dyslexic, which affects my life in more ways than one – but mostly my writing and reading skills – but my mind is so disordered that I am not sure what the correct way to do this all is. So we’ll see how it goes!

For the objective, I am diagnosed with dissociative disorder (F44.9 in the ICD), emotionally unstable personality disorder traits, comorbid depression and anxiety, and *GAAASP*… finally, gender dysphoria. I have also been diagnosed with specific learning difficulty, which aligns closely to dyslexia.

For the subjective, I like video games, retro things (I have an NES, SNES, and planning to get an N64), art, guitar, drinking and dancing, etc.! I am president of the Neurodiversity and Mental Health Society at my university. I feel very involved in activism and compelled to do my part to change the world.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully you wanna join me on this weird journey!


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