MRI Scan

Hi everyone, today I’m going to talk about my scheduled MRI scan – why I’m getting it, and how it’s making me feel.

When I got diagnosed with dissociative disorder, I received a letter afterwards summing up the psychiatrist session. I was scared, worried, and vaguely excited to see that I needed to have an MRI scan. In my next psychiatrist appointment, she explained that it was to check whether the presentation I was experiencing (that is, the symptoms of dissociative disorder) could be a physical problem with my brain.

After a period of misunderstanding – my psychiatrist thought my GP could refer me – I was referred by my psychiatrist to the people who would give me the MRI scan. I received an appointment extremely quickly, which was confusing to me, as I was expecting to wait a long time for it. It will be on the 26th October, so I will probably write something about that experience afterwards.

The thing that is worrying me, or at least giving me conflicting emotions, is… would I rather have a mental illness, or something physically wrong with my brain?

If there was something physically wrong with my brain, then… would it be easier to treat? Would they be able to do surgery, or give me medication that would help? What if the presentations I am experiencing would actually be treated? Maybe I would prefer that.

If there is nothing wrong with my physical brain, then how do I get treated? Well, the answer is probably weeks and weeks of therapy, which can cost anywhere from £10 to £60 a week for a 50 minute session. Can I afford that? Definitely not. However, I am not working, and although working would give me this money, working would also stress me out and lower my mental health anyway.

I’ll have to see how it goes… TO BE CONTINUED!

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