MRI Scan – part two!

As promised, I am making a post about how the MRI scan went. If you have one lined up – I would say don’t worry. It went very smoothly, and everything that I was worried about was completely unfounded. If you are worried about pain – it was actually very comfortable. If you are worried about the results – you don’t get them straight away, it can take weeks. If you are worried about anything invasive – I didn’t get injections, but they should tell you in advance.

My appointment was on time. I was waiting for a little while, but I was early.

When you picture an MRI scan, and the room it’s in, you picture something like this, right?

Well… no. My MRI scan was in… a truck.

A mobile MRI machine. I was completely shocked by this, because I had no idea this was a thing that you can do. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture. MRI scans take up a lot of power, and I didn’t see any huge cables to the truck! They put me in the machine, and I was in there for about 20 minutes. Everything else was normal. The more you know!

Other than that, the machine was really loud. They gave me earplugs and cushioned my head to keep it straight, but it didn’t make much difference. There was banging noises, loud beeps of different pitches, and humming throughout. In the end, it kind of sounded like music. It was strangely relaxing – possibly because of the white-noise-ish effect; I almost fell asleep. And then I just sort of, left?

I get my results soon, and I have an appointment scheduled in about a month to talk about it. I will update soon!


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