MRI Scan – Part 3!

Hi everyone, as promised I am updating you on the progress of my MRI scan. My brain is apparently very normal (with a small thickening of the mucous lining on one of my sinuses… lol). How do I feel about this?

  1. I’m very happy that my brain is healthy, as it’s given me an absolute ton of anxiety over the last weeks, and to find out has really put that to rest. I know that I’m going to be okay now, and my brain is not killing me slowly unknowingly.
  2. …..BUT….. and there has to be a but… I’m disappointed. I’m upset. I was hoping so strongly that they would find SOMETHING because otherwise, nothing explains my high levels of dissociation, my constant migraines, my eyes and their inability¬†to track correctly, and everything else. If it was physical, maybe I could be treated and this would all stop.
  3. I think I knew all along my brain was going to be fine. This has reminded me again that I am mentally ill, and pretty solidly so – and I will be okay one day, even if I’m struggling horrifically right now. I don’t know how long it will take, but I can have therapy and classes to help me.

Overall, I just wish I was better right now. Thanks for reading!

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