Starting dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT)

Hey everyone!

Last year, I started dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT) with my local mental health services. For various reasons, I had to stop and go back on the waiting list – but I’ve started it again and that means I can talk about it.

The idea of DBT is to re-work your own approach to your emotions. For the course of DBT I do, we have to fill out “emotional continuum” every week to try and teach ourselves how our emotional intensity works. I’m only on week two of the course, and it should be 12 weeks overall.

So far, we’ve talked about “filters” – negative and positive ones – and how these internalised patterns of thinking affect our waking life. It’s extremely difficult, intense, and exhausting, but I feel like it will help with my emotional intensity.

I’m not sure what else they are going to teach us, but I know we are going to talk about interpersonal relationships, eating and sleeping habits, coping mechanisms, and other helpful stuff. I just hope I can make it work.

Have you had any experiences with DBT? Thank you for reading – I’ll probably see you in a bit!

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