So, if you read my pre-spam post or either of my abouts, you’ll know that this blog is an assignment for my media module. However, this is not my only assignment! Which… is… not great.

Assignments can be difficult or easy for any person. I’m on the difficult end of the scale – but for annoying reasons. I am actually fairly confident in my abilities – I know that I understand my course and if I don’t I will be able to work it out. So what stops me from writing my essays?

Ugh, I’m not sure I even know completely. Maybe something like…

  • debilitating perfectionism – I get so scared what I’m writing isn’t the best way to say it, because I feel I am not very good at articulating myself. I write and delete so much that sometimes… I just don’t write anything.
  • unable to read – my dissociation and dyslexia interact so terribly that when it comes to reading for my assignments (as they must have references throughout). I get petrified of not being able to back up what I’m saying.
  • grades – I know that my knowledge and ability grant me at least a 2:1 if I can articulate it correctly. I get stuck in a panic loop of worrying I won’t be able to get the grade I want. I don’t want to disappoint anyone, or myself.

I still have an essay and a statistics assignment left. In March, I didn’t do an assignment – and I have no idea how debilitating it will be if I can’t resit it.

My plan is to take it one step at a time and do my best. I’ll be okay! Maybe! 😉

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