My self-care

Hi everyone! My last couple of posts have been a little bit difficult to read and write – but I am coping, so how am I doing so? I also have some pretty negative coping mechanisms – for example, how much money do I spend on these positive self-care methods? oops! – but I’m going to try and focus on the fun ones.

  • bath bombs
  • makeup
  • dying my hair
  • playing video games
  • drawing and art
  • quality time with my partner
  • eating food!

A visual demonstration! How are my photography skills? 😉


one of two magpies in our garden yesterday


my love


wotsit, my beautiful dumb kitty


two cats in our garden (strays and community cats)


dying and cutting my hair


lush bath bomb



a kitten named pablo in a purrito



gammon we made for a christmas dinner


Pssssst – thanks for reading! I will join you again later today!

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