False personas & identity struggles

Hi everyone!

I want to talk about a trouble I have that I think is from my dissociation – whenever I feel myself being “fake” around different people, I get into an internal crisis of what my identity actually is. I feel like most people experience this, but for me, it feels so intense and amplified.

When I am with people who I talk to often, but not often about my mental health and struggles, I feel myself shifting into someone I perceive to be more amiable. I feel like I end up hiding myself, and getting confused about who I am meant to be.

Am I a different person? Every time I feel myself switch personality – whether its emotions or situations changing how I react – I feel like I’m distancing from my identity temporarily. When my personal identity is so fragile as it is, I just get all scared.

How can I feel fake to others and to myself so often, and so painfully?

What makes you “you”?

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