Hi everyone! I explained in my last post about how I struggle with my identity – so now I’m going to talk about one thing I use to cope. Gender! Or rather, a solid reaffirming gender identity which I intensely relate to as a way of coping with my head.

I am trans & non-binary and use they/them pronouns. Non-binary means not 100% female or 100% male. For example, some non-binary people could feel masculine and feminine, or specifically genderless. For me, this means that my body and gender are not female, feminine, or womanly – I am agender. Instead my gender model allows for the fluctuations I experience with my identity. Don’t get me wrong – my gender expression came long before my awareness of dissociation. For me, my gender continues to be a source of grounding and of creativity.

That being said, I’m often too busy (or anxious) to be wacky with my gender expression like I wish I could be! Eventually, I may decide to actually go to the doctors to ask for hormones or surgery. For now, I am okay in my body – continuing my agender agenda 😉

Thanks for reading! What gender are you? How strongly do you identify with it?

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