We saved a bee!

Hi everyone! We saved a bee on Monday!

Me and my partner went to university in the morning and when we came back we saw that there was a bee on the floor in the conservatory. It had probably been locked in all night, or at least for a long time. It couldn’t move at all – when we went near it, all it could do to try and defend itself was raise it’s middle legs at us. We immediately got out some sugar water and tried to convince it to drink, but I think instead it thought we were trying to hurt it.

After that, it hid in a corner and went into a sleep – we think it was dying. Eventually, we just decided to force the syrup near it, and the video you can see is of him drinking! Excuse the dirt, it’s the corner of a conservatory door in a student house šŸ˜‰

The bee had its fill, and then was able to stand and twitch around. I forgot how twitchy bugs are meant to be! It must have been dying really soon. About 30 seconds after it finished eating, it flew out of the window!

It reminded me to appreciate the small things in life. It made me so happy to help this bee, and it made my day a lot better. If you’re having a bad day there’s always something little you can do to make yourself feel better! We all deserve to care for ourselves and to be happy. Prioritise yourself. ā¤

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