Hi everyone! I have no idea whether I’m allowed to keep posting, as I don’t know when it will be marked, but hopefully, this is okay…! I’m not sure whether I want to keep this blog or not. What do you think?

(Hello to my lecturers – I don’t know who’s marking it, but it feels much more real now that I’ve actually submitted it!)


I think I am going to get a tattoo! Finally! I’ve wanted a tattoo in just about forever, but I’ve always wanted to make sure it is definitely something I want before I just go for it. So, I think non-impulsively, here is the tattoo I want!


You may be able to tell that it’s not really done yet. I still need a picture of Slinky and Magic’s paw and then I am going to draw the design on paper, using the edited version as a reference. Then I’m going to head myself down to the tattoo places I’ve been recommended, and choose!! I’m not sure whether I would like it on my back or my chest.

I love my cats and I wish they could know how much I do. At least I can let everyone else know instead! 😛

Thanks for reading! What tattoos do you have, or want?

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